Shebra Evans

My name is Shebra Evans and I am a candidate for Board of Education, District 4. This is my family. I understand the need to Engage students. I have the passion to want to Educate students at all levels giving students education options. I am committed to ensuring that all students Excel. Let me tell you why: Several years ago my husband and I enrolled our daughters at Harmony Hills Elementary School. The data on the school was disturbing. Our first thought was to leave. Our second and better thought was to stay and make a difference. We stayed and we never looked back. I joined the PTA. I Engaged. I Educated. The school improved and the students Excelled. I made a difference at Harmony Hills Elementary and I want to make a difference county-wide. You want someone experienced in working with parents of diverse backgrounds. You want someone passionate about the joy of public service and wanting to make a difference. You want accomplishment and involvement.