Jeanette Dixon

I am running for the School Board because I love Montgomery County Public Schools and I believe I can make a difference in the education of our children. From student teacher to teacher to principal, I am the only candidate for any of the seats on the Board of Education who has been a teacher, parent and principal in MCPS. My 30 years of experience working in a wide range of communities to provide a world class education for all students was and continues to be my passion, even in retirement. Our school system has changed in many ways, and so must the Board of Education. It must change to meet the challenges that we face with increased enrollment, more students impacted by economic inequality, limited English proficiency and special needs. An interviewer recently asked President Obama if he could have another 4 year term at the end of his term whether he would want it. He said no because the presidency needs to be renewed with a new president after 8 years. Likewise the Board of Education needs a renewal by gaining a new At Large member after 8 years who will help it operate with a sense of urgency. The new member should engage in total transparency, work collaboratively with other Board members,the new superintendent, teachers, staff, students, parents and all of our education stakeholders including the County Council. We should listen to those who have a different viewpoint as opposed to pushing them away and being dismissive. We should be fiscally responsible and good stewards of the 2.46 billion dollars taxpayers are investing in our schools. I offer my experience as an educator, my good judgment, my knowledge of the inside workings of the school system, and my reputation as someone who speaks her mind and gets things done. I offer an end to uninspired, status quo leadership that believes in “stability” a code word for no change to leadership that inspires and will be proactive as opposed to being reactive to the challenges our system faces. I also have a combination of life experiences that will enhance my service to our students, staff and parents. On April 26, 2016 primary voters sent a clear message that they would like to see change on the Board of Education. I bested the 8 year incumbent by over 6000 votes to finish first. Another way of looking at this is that 125,000 voters voted for someone other than the incumbent. If you have not seen the election results they were as follows: Jeanette Dixon: 57,756, 31.48% Mike Ibanez: 19,851, 10.82% Sebastian Johnson: 32,735, 17.84% Phil Kauffman: 51,386, 28.01% Gwendolyn Kimbrough: 21,751, 11.85% You will not find a list of “endorsements” on my website because I have not asked any elected politicians/officials for their endorsement as I feel it is inappropriate for them to try to dictate who will serve on the School Board in a non-partisan election. I also believe partisan politics has no place in the education of our children. What you will find on my website under the Menu is a series of testimonials entitled “Voices” from those who have worked with me and know me well. I hope you will look closely at what I have actually done in my 30 year career in education as this will be a good predictor of my service on the Board. I will not simply go along to get along or get ahead. My only interest is serving on the Board of Education to provide real solutions to all of the challenges we face and to do what is best for all of our students. The only endorsement I seek is that of the voters because voting is a precious right for which many have fought and died to enable all Americans to exercise their freedoms. Like all elections, November 8, 2016 will be historic. I ask for your vote. In return I pledge to be an independent voice on the Board. I will serve with complete transparency and utter dedication. I will be responsive and listen to all stakeholders. I will work with the new superintendent, other Board members, and county government to ensure that all of our students get the education that we want each and every one of them to have so that they can make their way in life. Our students, who are our treasure, deserve our very best.