Seminar – As immiigrant family, how to help your children to build a healthy and effective support network


In our community, many families are first generation immigrants that the parents have no established social support networks. As a result, their children grow in somewaht isolated environment. To help build children’s resilience and confidence, this seminar speakers share their experience and resources that are available around us.


讲座时间:星期六,2021年l月30日,晚上7:30 到9点

讲座主题: 作为新移民的我们背井离乡来这里,远离了亲朋好友同学故交,放弃了之前的许多社会关系。与土生土长的美国人相比,我们和我们的孩子都需要重新建立新的社交网络。让我们一起探讨一下如何帮助孩子们创建社交网络。给他们提供更好更广阔的成长空间吧。

这次讲座的主持和嘉宾将分享经验,并且会介绍在美国的许多传统青少年组织(如童子军,4H 等等)和如何更好的参与进去。

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