Junior Reporter Club is Accepting New Members!

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Junior Reporter Club is Accepting Application for New Member

CAPA-MC Junior Report Club (JRC)

The Chinese American Parents Association (CAPA) Junior Reporter Club (JRC) is a group of middle and high school second-generation Chinese-American students in Montgomery County that strive to make a positive difference in the Chinese and Asian community through multi-platform journalism. The JRC reports on each CAPA event, producing both English and Chinese news articles, photos, and videos. It also have non-traditional reporting projects, such as Instagram features and YouTube videos focusing on Chinese culture. Second-generation Chinese-Americans have different perspectives than the rest of the first-generation Chinese American community on many topics. This club serves as a platform to deliver ideas and opinions from second-generation to first-generation Chinese Americans in the community.

The JRC understands that it is an out of school activity that may not be as time sensitive as other activities, but all members are expected to make CAPA JRC a priority and put forward their best efforts. If you have little journalism experience or are not proficient in Chinese, that's totally fine! The JRC welcomes people of all skill levels and backgrounds and will provide training.

Specific positions will be assigned after recruitment has finished. The JRC have something available for everyone – Members may photograph, write, help develop the YouTube channel/videos, edit videos, and/or have a more specialized position. The specialized positions available are: YouTube Team, Video Editors, Newsletter Editor, Social Media Managers, Blog Editors, Digital Art Specialists. If you have coding experience (and can help with the blog), graphic design skills, video editing software/experience/skills, that would be especially helpful.

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  • Welcome! As a parent volunteer organization, CAPA aims at helping students reach their highest potential by engaging students, families and community. It strikes to affirm identity, to build community, and to cultivate leadership in children. It elevates students to succeed cross-culturally and to contribute to the American society. CAPA-MC provides a platform for parents to exchange ideas and obtain information. It hosts seminars, and workshops on school programs, civic engagements, mental health, and anti-bullying. It provides opportunities for students to volunteer in the community. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, it welcomes volunteers and donations.
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